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How to post a correct Team Request?

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Hello Ladies & Gentleman, some days ago, Tomba uploaded a script which create private PERMANENT groups, and you can be the owner, and let join who you wants, how you can ask for one?



Follow this Module:



1) Name of Clan (Extensive): 

x: for example: Small Hustler Crew

2) Name of Tag:

x: for example: SHC//

3) Color of Tag:

x: for example: # ff6600

4) Is it a real clan? - Note: We no longer accept fake / friend clans!!!!

x: Yes, (link of website or server IP)


Follow this shedule.

Name of Clan: Color of Tag:Name of Tag:Is it a real clan?:Alternative proof?:

Read this little rules:


  1. Don't keep ask in game to admins to check this section, when he have time, he gonna check it.
  2. Don't create useless topics on forum
  3. It's not allowed to put offensive words even if it's the real name tag for example (F** Fuck S***)
  4. If you post a homepage or server IP it's much easier for us to confirm if it's real!!

Little answering to your problems which probably can be:


  • What does it means "It's a real clan?"
  1. It's to indentificate if it's a real clan or fun clan or just a group with friends, cause if someone does Join Request, and then join in Real Clan, can be kinda weird.
  • My group has been deleted, Why?
  1. Probably 'cause your clan is inactive, when pass more than 2 weeks without logging in server, the Group going to be deleted
  • What's the score to do this groups?
  1. The score is: If is a real clan, for let them have private teamchat, and also if for fun/group with friend, for teamchat tho, and teams for example in hunter


Hope it's all right, if there is any problem feel free to contact Plugin or Tomba120.

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