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JR by #Lo'ne[#34]

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Ingame known as: #Lo'ne[#34]

Who are you? (age, education, location ect.):

My name is Nikita, im 18 years old. I'm from Russia (Kamensk-Uralsky). Now im a student of IT technology in mechanical engineering.

For how long have you been playing MTA?:

Since 2013-2015 on DD, SH, Random.  Then became interested in DM.

In which well-known clans have you been?: 

I've been in #BHD! (Black Hawk Down), 3R// (3lite Racers), xR| (Xtreme Racers), .eXe (Executors Gaming), -SoA-.  But many clans I don’t remember now.

Why would we accept you? (Why do you want to be in SHC?):

 Now I'm looking for a clan that will allow me to get better and better in the game, I think it might be SHC. I think I will learn a lot from SHC players. If there is a CW, I will not stand aside, I will help.

What gamemode do you prefer?:


What can you provide us or add to our community/team?:

 I can help with activity, well, or as I wrote above about CW.


 I'm not very talkative.




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