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Mapping scripts

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Hello there, it's me, i've opened this thread cuz i need help for script my map, i really dont know how to put the music, palms, water or whatever else needed to script a map, so i might be grateful if someome helps me

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Create a file named music.lua or anything you want but take care to use .lua as extension, then put this inside:

song = playSound("HEREPUTYOURFILENAME.mp3", true)

bindKey("m", "down",
function ()
        setSoundPaused(song, not isSoundPaused(song))

Save it and go in meta.xml

For lua files use:

<script src="nameofthefile.lua" type="client" />

While for other files:

<file src="nameofthefile.extension" />


Palms scripthttps://mega.nz/#!hw4njaxT!SWhGPy8FGDvIpryKEwlwx8sRsnhb68KYUeBuPvXJjR4

Download this, place all the files of this in your directory and do the meta.xml step once again, include everything in the archive

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