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Small Hustlers Crew News #13

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Greeting hustlers! There's new month and we have lots of news for you. It's finally the time again to update you guys with the changes and updates that has been done to our clan so let's get right into the news. As first you will be able to read something about tournament matches that been played, right after that there is something about our latest clanwar and at then end there are changes in our roster.


Tournament matches
The first rounds are finished with some incredible results, but also with 3 clans that closed and one clan that got disqualifications. Clan that died during tournament were Maelstrom, Skilled Team and Unstoppable Fighters Force. Now lets jump on good things.

1. match | 3Racers vs Seventh Miracle
With a excellent score for Seventh Miracle. The match ended with a solid score of 99:41. The MVP of this match was Viskuz7.

2. match | The Favoured Few vs Unlimited Power
With a score of 91:49. Who have thought TfF still pwns! MVP of this match was Seeky.

3. match | Force out Extreme vs National xTreme Racing

With a close score of 65:75 in the favour of National xTreme Racing. MVP of this match was Inseecxz# who got the most point for his clan.

4. match | Iron Will vs Twisted Gamers
The match ended with an amazing score for Iron will. 107:33. MVP of this match was Benjaz with just 1 point ahead from Zekken.

5. match | Nitrous Racing vs Small Hustlers Crew
One of hardest WFF matches we have ever played. With a close score of 62:78 in the favour of Nitrous Racing. MVP of this match was also a close call, but less closer than above. With a nice score of points, our member @NesoN was the MVP.

23 of February there was a match between International Team and Exentric Gaming. It didn't end too well for Exentric Gaming. They disagreed with FiNN playing for International Team, while he was in their player setup. We said that FiNN was able to play so players of Exentric Gaming started to insult the Referees. The Referees have muted Valentino 4 times for insulting, but he still continued, so they had to follow the rules and ban him from the server. After that Ex members started leaving server. After match ended we as a SHC leadership decided to disqualify Exentric Gaming due to problems that they made before and while match.

We have also played a clanwar last month, which was against National xTreme Racing. We came into match totally unprepared with our main players that trained just several hours before clanwar. Then came that awesome result! With score 17-3 for our favor, we successfully beated them. Good job hustlers! MVP of this clanwar was well known toxic player @Tomba120 but our newest member @Fahad almost stole that MVP from him.


CW managers
With the increase of the number of challenges @Apollo didn't have the time to both manage the DM and WFF CW's. Because of that  @Tomba120 will take the duty as CW manager of DM/Hunters cw's while @Apollo will continue is works as WFF CW manager and tournament manager.


We would like to welcome some new faces in our team. Those faces are

@Remax - Friendly and Skilled player in DM
@CharmY^ -  Friendly, loyal and skilled DM player
@Mohaa - Friendly, loyal and helpfull player, also skilled in DM
@Nksez - Skilled HDM player, super friendly
@Shinji - Skilled WFF player and also such friendly
@Nicolaas’ - Latin colombian coke lord, killer WFF player

We are also proud to announce you our new Full Members!

@Lixie# a.k.a. K-paX - Friendly, really skilled in Hunter and DM
@Fahad - Helpfull and friendly player, really skilled in Hunter and DM
@Kogel - Good and friendly player, also skilled in Hunter aswell in DM
@SilentScream - Good player, friendly aswell, very skilled in DM and hunter
@Flame'z - Friendly and decent DM player
@M4L3Z - Good friendly boi and good DM player
@NAiiF - Friendly and good player in DM

Those who got denied, don't feel sad because next month we are accepting new trials once again! It's your time to improve your Join Request and show us that you really deserve to be Hustler!

That's all for this news, thanks for reading.
Regards SHC leadership.

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