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  1. What's up Hustlers! As usual today is a new day and it's time for some updates and announcements. We're almost halfway into this year and it has been going very great so far. Change is good and so today we're going to announce new fresh members, information about our server and what has been going on recently to be precise. We'll also have to bid farwells to the loyal members that have left us. People come and go, it's nothing unusual but some of them will not be forgotten. Now to brighten up the mood we'll start todays very astonishing news. Our latest DM clan war was against eo3// and we defeated them with a score of 15 - 5. And for our upcoming clanwars we've planned to fight against XS. I'm also happy to announce that SHC//Marque is nor our new DM clan war manager. We've also picked a new clanwar manager for the DD team and that is SHC//Trend. I'm also sure that everyone is wondering where our main server is by now and to fullful your desires i'll say what's going on. We, in the SHC administration team have decided to keep the server closed until we've finished scripting our servers to bring you the best experience we possibly can. Oh yeah and I almost forgot, We've also a new main scripter/developer for our scripting and that is SHC//AriosJentu. He's very talented and nice. Our VPS & Website maintainer is also back after he left us for the lack of time he had from his job. SHC//Sazuke is also back in action after his inactivity that was due to work, Welcome back! New Race As we previously mentioned in the previous news. We've started working on a new server and to start the new server we've obviously to first start with a fully optimized race. Tomba has been focusing on optimizing our new server to give the people who doesn't have a very good PC a chance to play MTA with no lags and to make the server smooth for everyone. To meet your expectations is our priority. To not leave you in the dark we'll post a preview picture of our new race. *Note: This is not the last form of the race, so it'll get updated and edited constantly* Members Changes. It's time to announce our new trials and mention the people who have left us. We've had many player left us and it's time to mention the ones worthy of being mentioned. Let's start with the with the people that have left us! - SHC//Madlife (Retired) - SHC//daniel#mrx (Left) And now let's introduce our new trials! Welcome to: - SHC//Danny [DD] - SHC//Pari [DD] - SHC//Alien [DM] - SHC//Shenox [DM] - SHC//Mira [DM] Congratulationsto the members that have passed their trial period are now full members: - SHC//Alf - SHC//d1kuba - SHC//Trend - SHC//Freedom Regarding join requests, they'll remain open. Old join requests will be moved to Archive so if you want to try to join us you'll have to apply again. Warmest regards, Small Hustlers Crew Leadership Team.
  2. Greetings Hustlers! Today we are going to bring you very exciting news. Let me start the news by talking about our new fresh blood, with everything going on we've been seeking fresh blood for quite some time. Fresh blood you say..? I'm obviously talking about the DD professionals that I'm going to introduce very soon. It'll also be time to bid our farewells to Plugin who has been a very good leader for such a long time, it'll be sad seeing him leave us for 1 year, he'll be missed but I'm sure that this year will go by very quick under the leading of Tomba so Plugin will be back before we realize it! We've also had an exciting DM clanwar against iRace in which we won with the score of 13 - 7. We see this clanwar as the first stepping stone to bring our win streak back to how it once was and we aim to make it even greater! Worry not, this shall not be impossible since our team is constantly training in order to improve and prove that we shall not repeat the pasts mistakes. As for upcoming clanwars we've decided to challenge TfF, TG, TC and EMP. So far only TFF and TG have dared to accept our challenges meanwhile we're waiting for TC and Emp to give us a response. And of course i'm not only talking about the DM team but the DD team as well. We've recently formed a new DD squad with the leading of Dice as the DD clanwar manager! The DD squad had a clanwar yesterday and they were the winners with the score of 12 - 8 against Angry Super Squad! I must say, not bad for a newly formed team. Sometimes we've to part way with very loyal and good people, sadly we've to say goodbye to RockZ who have decided to retire from MTA and leave the clan for some personal reasons. You'll be missed RockZ! Good luck with your life. And since I've started talking about the DD squad then I guess this is the golden opportunity to introduce the fresh blood! Let's give a very warm welcome to our new trials: - SHC//Alf [DD] - SHC//Freedom [DD] - SHC//Trend [DD] - SHC//d1kuba [DM] There're also members that have passed their trial period! Congratulations to: - SHC//Apollo - SHC//XavZ Donation As we mentioned in the previous news, we'll be in need of donations! Therefore, we've made a donation page where it should be fairly easy to donate. As everyone knows Plugin will go to the army for 1 year and he'll not be able to fund our servers and website. Tomba will try his best to keep the servers and the website running but we'll obviously need donations. With donations you help everyone get a better experience of SHC, we of course don't expect you to donate and not get anything in return. We'll provide you with new scripts and we've made a list of what you gain after donating, go ahead and check the donation page. Best Regards, Small Hustlers Crew Leadership Team.
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    News and Updates!

    News & Updates! Dear SHC community, We've had some big changes these last months. Many have left us and and many new people have joined us and some old members have returned. We haven't written any news in a while for the simple reason that too much stuff was happening at the moment and kept happening for quite a while. Now that the changes have calmed down we decided to give you guys some updates and news about the changes that has been happening. Today we had a clanwar against Xtreme Skillers and I'm proud to say that we were victorious with the score of 13-7. The clanwar lasted about 3 hours, it was fun and quite amusing even though there were some tiny issues. As you guys know we've started a project called WhiteBird, the forum is currently displaying a theme that fits with it. However since the scripter Kikito left us we've a small team that consists of only Tomba. The progress will be very slow even though Tomba is trying his best to do what he can do. I congratulate the following members for passing their trial period: -SHC//PacT -SHC//Bl0os -SHC//Praker I also welcome the following members back: SHC//Madlife SHC//Marque The memberlist and clanwars stactics are back and more stuff will be coming soon! Also about the Join Requests, they shall remain open since many players have left the clan which gives room for new players to join! Best regards SHC Leadership
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