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  1. 1. Ingame known as: #RL^ ; [R]ussian[L]ord 2. Who are you? (age, education, location ect.): Hey, my name is Nikita, 21 years old. I live in Russia, Ekaterinburg. I have been playing in the MTA since about 2012(with breaks a year, already 3 times there were such breaks). 3. For how long have you been playing MTA?: since 2012 4. In which well-known clans have you been?: xR|(My former clan), #BHD!(member), [XP](Xtreme-Players; Admin); .eXe(Executors Gaming) still remember when clans were, but man, that was a very long time. 5. Why would we accept you? (Why do you want to be in SHC?): First of all, I like the atmosphere, now rarely where to meet on the servers, most of them were closed. Secondly, I can help with maps, scripts (preserved from the previous project, which was in the year so 2016-2017), and I want to maintain this atmosphere in the game. I can also help with clan wars(if I'm not at work on this day) 6. What gamemode do you prefer?: DM, HDM 7. What can you provide us or add to our community/team?: Support the General mood, maybe scripts, I don't know 8. Additional: my contacts discord: ![R]ussian[L]ord#2444
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