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  1. Hello there, it's me, i've opened this thread cuz i need help for script my map, i really dont know how to put the music, palms, water or whatever else needed to script a map, so i might be grateful if someome helps me
  2. nais map boyz! i would like to play soon
  3. Thanks buddy, i dunno i just make things that goes to my mind
  4. Thanks a lot for all those who commented, i'm proud to receive tips from experienced mappers
  5. Ingame known as: SmithZ, SmithZutyy, NuuBz0r Who are you? (age, education, location ect.): my name is Sebastián Salvo,I'm 23 years old, actually im studying nutrition in ulagos university, i live in Osorno city, i got a puppy called cleo, she's pretty cute 😛 For how long have you been playing MTA?: Well, 4 years maybe or more, i started to play in 2010 and later stopped in early of 2014 and now back to break the toptime ranks In which well-known clans have you been?: i have been in many clans, till i remember i was in: Twin Stars VIP(leaded by dielsuke and later dogzone) Streak Racing (leaded by leon and amiable) For The Win ePic clan *Maybe im missing some clans Why would we accept you? (Why do you want to be in SHC?): Actually i have no reason why you should accept me because im just a dm player and seems that you are full of them but i have to say that i have a bit of experience in management since i was the community manager of Streak Racing. What gamemode do you prefer?: DM What can you provide us or add to our community/team?: I have a bit experience in management, i could take care of some things about forums, squads for cw or make events for the players Additional: i use glasses because i see pretty blurry 😞
  6. I know that i won't be a pro mapper in few weeks but i'm just starting in this, im doing my best, but i think more hard for me, it will be decorate the track
  7. hey, im proud to present you the first minute of my v1, i'm working almost each day on it and also i have to say that i have been watching mapping videos (azno10) and stailok's threads helped me a lot to find the tools🙂
  8. smithz v1 coming soon 😛 

  9. Y esta? Jajsjs xD it was years without passing that mep
  10. Finally i finished this fucking map xd fails are allowed :v pd: youtube ruined the quality :c so sorry for that
  11. xD i hope too, pasar un great time con you guys. Thanks to all, see ya in game
  12. Hello guys, i'm SmithZ, my real name is a secret (okay, my name Sebastian), i'm 23 y'old and i like to play videogames in my free time, the most games i play are PUBG (Lite and Steam) where i have got experience playing for amateur teams, Apex Legends (i'm a shit, literally), Rome 2 Total War (im maximus decimus meridius, emperor of the fucking world) and MTA, where i have back few weeks ago. In mta, i have played in many servers, like xpg, tff, ftw, vip ( real and bitchzone), sr, ts, etc etc. I hope get fun with you bitches and ofc make tt in game
  13. hey, i didn't understand any shit you wrote but welcome dude and have fun ( and fap means fun also)
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