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  1. GosK's Join Request Something about my real-life: Hello everyone! My name is Leonardo, I am from Italy and I am 21 years old. I live in the South of Italy, in a small town called Casamassima, nearly Bari. I am currently an IT Manager for a Swedish multinational corporation in the healthcare environment (dialysis). I am responsible of the whole IT infrastructure across 30 clinics that we have in Italy plus 2 HUB sites (Bari, Rome). I am responsible for the whole network infrastructure, clients and servers, budget planning, disaster recovery etc. My job takes me a lot of time but, in the same hand, I have time to enjoy playing MTA again. I would like to do it with you! Something about my gaming-life: Some of you may already know me. I started to play MTA in 2010, I found it thanks of some friends that were playing SAMP with me. During those years I had some small leaving periods due some personal problems. I had a big "stop" in late 2016, where I had to leave MTA, straight after my graduation, because of my first working experience, as Software Developer, in a different city (Reggio Emilia, Northen Italy) that needed a lot of effort by my side. I fully joined again MTA 1 month ago. So, I didn't play MTA for about 3 years. My ex clans: These are the clans in which I've been in (not in chronological order) during those years: EPD|, -EPC-, -[UG]-, aR//, WTF//, >VIP<, s/\|, SHC//. My MTA story is so long and honestly I don't remember it in detail. I can only tell you that I had a lot of fun in SHC. Familiar clan, honest and skilled team members. I always enjoyed the atmosphere in here. For what am i looking for?: Well, I always liked this clan a lot. The guys have been always fair, skilled and available. I'm writing this JR because I would be honored to help and join you again. For me a clan is like a family, and I would be pleased to join this family again. Since my last time in SHC I grow up, became mature and i think that SHC can give me what i am looking for: seriousness, familiar clan, fairplay, fun. Since one month ago, that I started to play MTA again, I always had a look on the SHC server and played in it. Unluckily it is not so active as once, but we can work together in order to get it active again! How can you contact me?: Skype: gosk_mta@outlook.com Discord: GosK#1534 Thank you for reading. Sincerely yours, GosK
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