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  1. It was great to work with you , this is one of the most playable maps that i've ever did on my mapping career (maybe v3 is more easy but we're on the almost same level)
  2. Hello Lovely People. Long time ago I made a topic with all of my maps to be downloadable , when our forum got hacked also that topic was fucked up so I'm doing it once and but this time it will be much better since the last one was not working as many told me (dont know how since it was working to me xD) The folder contains all the maps that I did since the day I started (2014) - All of them are DeathMatch , I did a DD map in the past but it was too much shitty so i deleted it. https://mega.nz/folder/twkWDabD#BO8EImdfLEL1diryVq4LFQ Let me know if you can download it , otherwise i'll change it.
  3. Wazzup brothers. Be ready for the topic I will do with all maps to be downloadable...

  4. I'm sure most of the people that are playing on our server already played this map but there was no video and finally thanks to @Tomba120 I can proudly present my volume 11 which for me was delicate to map but the hardest to deco. It was hard beacuse the map is a tribute to inTraX & SoniX. I wanted to bring back some old good memories of a mapper that was not considered that famous in my opinion. To be honest I just made this map beacuse @sFx loves SoniX so I was like "why not trying" and few months ago i decided to start this project. Lets go straight to the point: SONG: Arkasia - Vanity (feat. Jay Jacob) Like & Subscribe to his channel!
  5. People would not realize that especially the new generation , they are all addicted to gteatero shits 🙂
  6. To be honest if i would judge the map for the name i would say its not really a For the love of Andershell. There's just few andershell parts and its okay but deco are completely different from his style. I will judge it without thinking about that name xD and I can say that you did a great job! I like this kind of decorations well placed and well mixed. About the record could've been better honestly and yeah Navkie is not that good. He recorded one of my maps and the result was not that good so I wouldn't be surprised to see a bad record from him once again.
  7. Great volume 1! I just dont agree with the song is the video beacuse is a bit overused
  8. Being Hacked by some individuals from UC was surely not the best to read and i guess even to write. for you. They dont understand everything and all they want to do is ruin the fun.. We lost many many things but whatever we always manage to get up and keep doing what we love. This is what makes us stronger , the fact that whatever happens we never give up. I was waiting for the news since a long time and i'm happy that the day has come. Also I'm hyped overwrought (excited to be more clear) for the new server that is coming soon. Big thanks to @pieT and whoever is helping him out with the new server , We all need to appreciate the hard work they doing to give us the best server to enjoy more your MTA experience! Thanks once again & Of course... Welcome New Trials! Hope you enjoy staying here!!
  9. Legendary volume 1 , we will probably not see v1's quite like this. Great work muchacho
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