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  1. Congratz to the new trials, i'm glad to be part of this project even if i'm not so active in these times 😄
  2. + Your nickname in the game: sFx + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.): Hello peeps, my name is Giancarlo but everyone calls me Jonny (since i hate my real name), i'm 23 and i live in Sicily (Italy). I'm a friendly person with a passion for the programming languages, i currently know (decently): Lua PHP (OOP and Procedural) Python C# Pawn Javascript Later on i've learned some CSS too, used to make the style of some CMS and such stuffs. (I haven't put it above because of course it's not a programming language) I'm a self-taught, i learned everything by myself by trying and trying multiple times until i got some nice results. I don't have particular studies since i was doing pretty bad in school, i've always been lead by my own instinct. + How long you've been in MTA? (Here you should tell us about your past clans and add a small resume about your history in this game): I've joined MTA in 2007, my first idea was to play some race servers until i discovered a server called "UPC". There was such a weird gamemode for that times which is actually the Oldschool one, i was hanging there with my friends even if we weren't that strong. After like 6 months i just left because my friends lost their muse and with so i moved myself to SA:MP, where i was already before joining MTA. In 2008 i decided to get back in MTA with my friends, we kinda missed it, but when we opened it we figured out a lot of things, UPC server weren't existing anymore and we were kinda lost because we really wished to get back there playing some DM/DD maps. I searched for that gamemode and i found the X5 server, we played there for lot of time, i don't exactly remember how much, then one of my friends on skype told me he was playing that gamemode too but in another server. There i found some more servers and i've meet lot of new people, specially someone who's still by my side as my best friend, CarmY. I managed to improve myself up, getting better on each day since i really wanted to join into a clan, that was like a blessing for me. After lot of training and improvements i joined in my first clan, that was an italian one called iS, leaded by Refresh. I've been there for a lot until i wanted to get a new atmosphere, something that was different and with more countries rather than italy. I applied for rG (as XiSH) and then i joined there which i've been staying until its closure. When rG closed i was kinda confused on what to do, so i decided to stay without a clan for some time. Later in the 2012 i joined in aR, i haven't did much as a player there, but i've been learning lua to improve the server due to the lack of its features, getting some decent results. (I was inspired by Techial who was leader at that times, i'd always be grateful to that guy) After some months i've gained the trust to become scripter and then even leader but due to the troubles with the other leaders i decided to leave. That was the second time that i left MTA since i lost interest on it and i was focusing on something else. (Learning C# and PHP) After some months i joined back into MTA as i've been in contact with CarmY, then i decided that i was ready to finally create my own clan, a real clan (Not like the small ones i leaded for less than 1 month), so i created nG (Nova Gaming), i've put a lot of effort on it and most of my friends joined because they really believed in it, we had many cws won and we also had the opportunity to merge with KoN (Kings Of Night) which we just accepted. After 1 year i just lost my interest on the game, so i decided to give the leadership to someone else who failed to lead the clan because of the pressure he didn't handled. Later in the 2014 CarmY convinced me to join back into MTA and he invited me to join FOTL with him so i did it, i've been staying there until the closure. From that time i decided to not join in any clan until this year (2 february) as i joined into xRz, i was feeling good and there was a nice atmosphere but in the last time i had some issues with the leader, also xRz weren't playing my gamemode type, i'm a HDM player while they play OS, so i didn't felt really useful for the clan, so i decided to leave. Here i will list the clans where i got in: iS| - Italian Stunters aR// - Alien Racers nG| - Nova Gaming KoN| - Kings of Night [FOTL] - Firestarters of the land ~xRz~ - Xtreme Racers zCool Probably i've missed something but as you can see it's from so many years that i play MTA and i might forget something, also, this is already long and boring and i bet nobody would ever read it all + Why you'd like to join SHC? I'd like to join SHC because i think it's a good clan with friendly people that has a nice atmosphere inside, this isn't my first time that i try to join but in the past i was kinda "scared" to fail, SHC was like a dream for me and i felt like it was too much for a player like me, so i decided to cancel my own application. + What gamemode do you prefer: DM - DD - Shooter - Trials (I don't know if it counts since there's no trials maps) + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team: I can help with cws, if i train i think i can be useful, i'm improving day by day my own skills. I've been a leader in the past, so i know a lot about management and got a good self-control, with that i'm saying i can help administrating the server and the people inside. I got a good knowledge of the programming languages i mentioned above, so i can be helpful when it comes to lua or php or such stuff. I'm also a mapper, i got a v1 which i think is pretty decent for the time it got released, i would be happy to mention SHC in my maps. Sometimes i record maps (basically Carmy's one), i got a decent quality and i'm improving in video editing 🙂
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