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  1. Create a file named music.lua or anything you want but take care to use .lua as extension, then put this inside: setRadioChannel(0) song = playSound("HEREPUTYOURFILENAME.mp3", true) bindKey("m", "down", function () setSoundPaused(song, not isSoundPaused(song)) end) Save it and go in meta.xml For lua files use: <script src="nameofthefile.lua" type="client" /> While for other files: <file src="nameofthefile.extension" /> Palms script: https://mega.nz/#!hw4njaxT!SWhGPy8FGDvIpryKEwlwx8sRsnhb68KYUeBuPvXJjR4 Download this, place all the files of this in your directory and do the meta.xml step once again, include everything in the archive
  2. Heyo guys, this time we're back with a smooth map, probably not expected because of BANG series but here we are! I'm really proud to present this map, this has been started years ago but due to our missing ideas/time we haven't been able to finish it before. We really tried to make it smooth and not boring at the same time, i hope you like it 😄
  3. The track is quite good atm, smoother than lot of v1 i've seen 🙂 About decos well, you just need a nice creativity, nowadays some mappers doesn't cares much about it but it's something i really like to see, a combination of good decos and track makes a perfect map 😄
  4. Not bad for a first try, keep it up 🙂
  5. Welcome, i hope you'll have a good time in SHC 🙂
  6. Not a fan of Battle Royals but i still wish you a good luck bro 🙂 PS: It isn't a forum game, must be posted in General Discussion 😅
  7. Welcome StromaX, see you in game 🙂
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