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  1. + Your nickname in the game : My nickname in the game is simply "Darkside" + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) : I'm a simple person who lives in saudi arabia, and you can call me ziyad. + How long you've been in MTA? : I've been playing mta for almost 10 years. As a start, any newbie player would think of freeroams, but not me! I started my career in a small DM server that I don't actually remember the name of, I'd been playing there for almost a year, until one of my friends told me about an amazing popular and wonderful server [ffs], that what he told me, as the time passed, Both of us have discovered ffs, and we spent most of our time there, and I actually joined some clans that have been made in ffs, which are not official clans. And during that time I joined some clans like Different ways / Maelstrom / And Revenant. + Why you'd like to join SHC?: One of my closest friends known as @Fahad, has told me a lot about SHC, and how the harmony is between the clan members, and how cool it is. and Actually I'm looking for a clan at the moment, and Small Hustlers Crew would definitely be my first choice. + What gamemode do you prefer: I actually can play most of the gamemodes, but what I do prefer at most is DM. + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team I'm active, also soon enough I'll be learning a programming language such as Java/Python.
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