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  1. Final Score: SHC 16 - 4 xN Special thanks to Ryder for refereeing a fair match.
  2. Accepted. We wil discuss on Discord
  3. Nickname in the game : Fahad Who are you : My real name is Fahad , i'm 22 and i'm from Saudi Arabia. MTA career: Firstly i started playing MTA at 2009 but i wasn't playing DM. I started playing DM at 2012 in arab servers after that i decided to join a clan and my first clan was [ T7shesh - T7| ] But i didn't go well with the members so i left . I did improve my skills and then i joined nTL ( Nothing To Lose ) , there was all my arab friends. It was very good clan for me , i'm sad that it's closed. But since Small Hustlers Crew is good community , So i decided to join it . Why you'd like to join SHC ? : As i said it's good community. Also 3 of my friends are there. What gamemode do you prefer? : Deathmatch ( DM ) - Shooter Contact me : Discord ( Fahad#3393 ) or Skype ( bn.wail )
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