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  1. Lovely map, gj boyzzz ❤️
  2. Its a nice start with mapping bro, keep working on that and gl 🙂
  3. whatafak welcome bro, we love u too
  4. Awesome map guys 😉
  5. Who are you? (age, education, location ect.): Hi, my name is Vitor Hugo, I'm 21 years old. I'm from brazil and I'm a student of Information Technology and worker at this too. For how long have you been playing MTA?: I play MTA since 2009. My first servers was >VIP<, -XIII-, /UA/, -XSS- and SHC//, I played a lot in this servers. In which well-known clans have you been?: I've been in xG| in 2010/2011 as a Co-Leader and after that in 2013/2014 at /AiR\, and -KoH- as a Leader/Co-Leader and as Member in 2015 in EfE# and [FOTL]. Why would we accept you? (Why do you want to be in SHC?): I know it sounds cliche, but SHC was my dream in the past (2009~2010) I always liked the ambient of server and players. I had fun in the past playing at this server, and nowadays isn't different What gamemode do you prefer?: DM. What can you provide us or add to our community/team?: I can help being active at the server and mapping. Additional: I like to beer. xD
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