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  1. Hey guys! I want to present you my first map, called "End Of The Night" I hope you like it !
  2. + Your nickname in the game : ToXa + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) : I'm David, I am 17 years old, and I live in a town in Eastern Hungary. I'm a nice guy, trying to be friendly with everyone, and avoid conflicts. I am also very helpfull, I like to help new players.I can say that I'm very loyal. I know some languages, Hungary, English, German (little bit). I'm learning in high school right now. I am studying Informatic on more level, in it. I have lot of goals of my life, which I want to make in the future. One of them is making my Driving license this year. Beside MTA, I play other games too, CSGO, PUBG, GTA V, ETS2 etc. , but I can say that MTA is my favourite one, since I "grew" up on it. I have lot of hobbies, most importans of them I like to go gym with friends, and I like fishing too. + How long you've been in MTA? (Here you should tell us about your past clans and add a small resume about your history in this game) :My career started in 2013, my cousin invited me to a CZ/SK/EN server which is called "MIKI". I started on DD, I kept playing this gamemode and improved everyday. In 2014 something changed, I started playing OS. I really enjoyed it, we tried to improve our self with my friends. After I felt like, I was good enough to start DM, I played on it everyday. Some months later I was invited to a team, and I accepted it. I can say that there was nothing exciting untill 2016. This year, this clan closed. I was a little bit disappointed, and I moved to other servers. I started to play on TFF and I was improving really fast. Few months later, I was invited to a clan called ~eN^ which was leaded by F3aR. I got lot of friends there, but I left it because I had to stop MTA due to real life problems. Two months later, I could play MTA again, and joined #iES|. Some months later it got closed. In early 2017, We made our clan (Sc*) with my friend Monsta. I can say that It wasn't the biggest clan, but wasn't that small. I learnt lot of things here, how hard It can be to lead a clan, or managing CW-s but I really enjoyed it. We managed this clan untill 2018 June, we decided to close this clan for some reasons. One month later I joined 3R//. There was some good people in DM, but the whole clan wasn't good at all. I decided to leave it later. Then I started to play on Vultaic, and I got invited to R# by Find. Soon this clan got closed, because of some inside conflicts. I kept playing on Vultaic, but had a little break after September. In 2018 November, got back to MTA and was invited to iV' which was leaded by Rul3zz and Lixuz. It was a great clan, but my PC dead, and I couldn't play for 1 month and I was retired from the clan. In 2019 I kept playing untill June then had a little break. Life brought me back to this game again in 2019 November, we made a clan with my friends which called #iN. I was founder there. Now Its called "Dx". I left it because I had to take a break due I had important things of my real life. In 2020 February I'm back again, and I'm still playing. Now I'm currently playing on FoXX and SHC server, sometimes Miki. + Why you'd like to join SHC? : I want to join this clan, because of Nice community. I think this is the clan Where I can find my home in the reamining time of MTA History. I have some friends there. Also I was planning join SHC in the past. + What gamemode do you prefer : HDM/WFF + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team : I'm very active, I can help in CW-s, such as WFF cw, tournaments, DM CW or HDM maps. Thanks for reading.
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