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  1. + Your nickname in the game: Master33
    +Who I am (age / location / studies etc.): My name Lucas Sousa I'm from Brazil (I am 15 years old I was born 2/26/2002)
    + How long have you been in MTA: 2012 to 2017,game in SHC 
    almost 1 Years in my other account/Before reaching the SHC, I was of the SX clan in the sever 3R/

    + Why you'd like to join SHC:I would like to join in SHC because I have always hope to be an admin and also helps new players
    + What you can add and / or contribute to the community / team:
    For the community, I can add so much presence in the game, moderate. I want to contribute to help new players, the community, be useful in the forum and also make maps

    +My Skill

    My skill in DM = 7.0

    + What gamemode do you prefer : DM,SHOOTHER,OLD,DD


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