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  1. Hello Ladys and Gentlemans here is my join Request for Small Hustlers Crew i hope you will like it. 🙂 1.Ingame known as: NekorFX 2.Who are you? (age, education, location ect.): My Real Name is Kevin and im 19 years old (Born at the 01.02.2000) and i live with my Family in a small Town which is called Reifland(Saxony). My Hobby are playing Football, driving my Motorcross, working on cars (Fixing Things or just Tune them that they have even more Power or just Looking even nicer then befor), playing Computer Games like MTA, League of Legends, Rocket League and some times also Euro Truck Simulator 2 and i love it to hang up which Friends to talk with them or just chill and listening to Music. At the Moment im in the first year of my education as Media Technologist in Print.Some Thing About my personality im an really Friendly and helpfull guy who helps everyone who Need help i dosen´t care what it is i will help, i also Help People which i can´t really like if they ask me for Help i also help them and im an very chilled guy which don´t disenganges at everything. 3.For how long have you been playing MTA?: I started Playing mta in the year 2010 the first Server which i played on was German Race but i dind´t played that Long because this OS Maps dosen´t maked me that fun which i wanted to have so i decided to stop race and startet playing reallife for some years. After some years a friend asked me if want to Play race with at fist i don´t really wanted but i played with him and had very much fun with him since this day im only playing MTA race only because i love it of sure sometimes this game fucks really hard with this Bugs but i love the People which that im Playing and i love the game really much and don´t want to stop it anymore. 4.In which well-known clans have you been?: [Cake] (Cake Gaming) -PEG- (Project Epic Gaming) iR| (iRace) |-nTL-| (Nothing to Lose) EfE# (Eye For An Eye) vG| (Visual Gaming) 5.Why would we accept you? (Why do you want to be in SHC?): I want to be a part of Small Hustlers Crew because in my opinion it is a very nice clan with an lot of potential to get even bigger and better and i think i can help to grow up because im an very active member who help where ever i can im helping the community on every Question they have and im also can help to uploading Maps because at the Moment im collecting Maps and got over 3000 Maps and get each day more Maps not only common Maps which every one has also geting Maps which are rare and not everyone has and at the Moment im also learning to script so i can also help at this Point when i got better and i can help to drive clan wars or to organize some Things. 6.What gamemode do you prefer?: Im prefer the gamemodes DM and Hunter i would not say that im a really pro at this gamemodes but would say that im good im my opinion and i try every day to get better and better in this 2 gamemodes 7.what can you provide us or add to our community/team?: i can help at everything you Need uploading Maps, driving in clan wars, organize some Things or just helping users/members if they ask me for help at every Thing im and really realxed Person which that you can talk over everything. 8.Additional: I hope you enjoyed to read my Join Request and i hope i can get a part of this really nice Team and help to improve it. and sorry for my bad english im trying to improve it. Your Sincerely NekorFX. 🙂
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