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  1. Hello guys. I would like to the share the map i made with @Carmy#. I want to thanks @Tomba120 for the amazing recording.
  2. Another 2 years to write more news
  3. Greetings Hustlers! It has been well over a year since our last news update, and a lot has happened in the meantime. From new arrivals to departures, more clan wars, and even an attack to our forums. In today's news update we are happy to announce the big changes from the past year, and our upcoming plans for the next few weeks and months. Last Year Review Meme Review, I mean Last Year's Review. As you may have read in the Small Hustler Crew News #13 thread, we have accepted a lot of new trials. However, it didn’t go as planned. Most of the trials didn’t last and only a few of the full members are still with us. We won’t list the old trials and members here, because we have lost a lot of information on a faithful day, a topic that is going to be discussed now. That Faithful Day Now let’s talk about that faithful day. On May 5th 2020, an individual belonging to the team Upper Class, which is lead by and includes various members that were or are banned from MTA. Has decided to access to AimQ's account and delete every single thread and account from the forum, as well as post foul language in various parts of the forum. As of that day forward every single member belonging to that team is banned from our server. If a member from Upper Class feels that the ban is unjustified, you can send a message to Apollo or Tomba via discord, where we may discuss the terms for an unban. We still have backups, the most recent one being from September 2019. What does that mean? We couldn’t recover the threads that were posted from September 2019 until May 2020. However, we were able to recreate accounts created during that period. If you can’t log in to your account, please check your email, where there should be an email with your username, as well as a password. If you are still experiencing issues with accessing your email, or the server, please contact Apollo or Tomba to resolve your issue. New Members We already have a large sized roster of members in the team. However, we are always looking to accept more members that have something to offer to the team. With that being said, we have decided to accept the following trials: SHC//DeamoN SHC//F1sT SHC//Fouad Congratulations! And please give a warm welcome to our new trials. Brand New Server The time has finally come! We are proudly announcing that we are moving our community to a brand new server at the end of June / July! We started working on the new server not that long ago, together with sFx and pieT. First of all, I would like to inform with you our plans regarding the server. Don't expect another multigamemode. We have decided that our server is going to be based on our brand new race gamemode. Because we appreciate every single player of our community, and we don't want to lose touch with them. The only way to achieve this, is to have a small server with players concentrating on one gamemode. What could you expect in the new server? We have redesigned every single feature in MTA you know very well, and transformed it into someting new. Our whole server has a refreshing design with many beautiful animations that you will love! And what's best thing about it? It will run as smooth as you are used to on our current server. It will also include a userpanel, which is going to contain features that you haven't seen on any server before! We are not allowed to go into too much detail, but we can show you a little sneak peek: server.mp4 The userpanel is going to include; Personal stats, Achievements, Leaderboards, Teams, Garage, Battlepass, Maps shop, Premium features, Radio and Settings. Clan Wars Small Hustler Crew vs Iron Will This clan war was played on May 16th, 2019. It was our hardest clan war from the past year; however, we were a pretty young team at that time. We won with super close 11-9. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Small Hustler Crew without some drama during the clan war, but since so much time has passed, we don’t even remember the reason for that. Small Hustler Crew vs 3lite Racers Because of the connections we have with present day 3lite Racers, a clan war versus them is always on the table. On March 22nd, 2019 we were able to play a clan war versus them. We didn’t expect much from a team with almost zero experience, still they put a valiant fight until the end, even when we didn’t take the clan war serious specially on the latter rounds, they still played their hearts out. We were able to win 15-5. Small Hustler Crew vs Executers Gaming While our first clan war ended with a lot of drama, by the time we played again versus them, thing went smoothly. Played on November 23rd, 2019, it ended with the same score of 15-5. Small Hustler Crew vs Force out Xtreme The first clan war of 2020, played on February 1st, was against Force out Xtreme. The result of the clan war was 17-3 for us. While they aren’t known for their strong DM team, they still put a good fight stealing three points from us. Small Hustler Crew vs Mythicals Crew This clan war was played on February 9th and ended with the score 18-2 for us. We excepted a bigger challenge from this team since they have two old SHC members, Carlos and Ganzo. Small Hustler Crew vs Firestarters of the Land After taking a 3-month break from clan wars and searching for an opponent, we go challenge by FOTL for a clan war. FOTL recently come to existence again, so we didn’t except that big of a challenge, however with their map picks and the fact they have some good players, they still put a good fight. The outcome for this match was 19-1 for us. Small Hustler Crew vs Nitrous Racing Played on May 23rd, 2020, this clan war could be called our first challenge. Nitrous Racing is a team with a strong history of strong performances on DM and Hunter and because of that practice was intense and it showed during the match. We had spectacular performances from Fahad and SilentScream finish 20 and 19 maps respectively, as well, having more than 4 members finishing maps almost every round. With all that we were able to score 16 points versus 4 from Nitrous Racing. Thanks for reading Small Hustlers Crew News #14 Regards SHC leadership
  4. Greetings fellow hustlers. We know we missed the news for August and it was my fault. I was on vacations and was too lazy to write them. Sorry ^^. So, this news will have talk about what happened in the months of July and August. Also, we just made 5 years since we the SHC re-opened. Happy birthday. Leadership Since Plugin didn’t have the drive to play MTA anymore he decided to retire and just help us behind the scenes. With the departure of @Plugin, we lack someone as the real leader of the team. Because of that we decided to move @Apollo to the position of Leader. With the added pressure of being the leader, @Apollo will leave his position as Map-uploader and CW manager. The manager role will be picked up by @Athenian for the time being. Still the workload of the leaders is to great, so we decided to promote @AimQ was the 2nd co-leader of the team. Here are some of his words. “As you can see I’m the new co-leader of SHC community, it’s a huge moment for me right now and now I’m excited and little bit nervous, because it’s mine first time to be a co-leader for such a big community, but I’ll try to do my best for it. Thank you for trusting and believing to me for co-leadership role. Toxic AimQ” Trials This may seem weird but in the first day of August we accepted 2 new trials. SHC// @DestroyeR (Join Request) – Destroyer our little kebab. He was most skilled player that had JR at the time, plus with a friendly attitude we decide to accept him. SHC// @ToSeR (Returned) – This guy doesn’t need an introduction. So, this time we decided to accept 3 more new trials SHC// @BLTZ (Join Request) – This is the second time he has JR for our team. The first time he decided to cancel it and try opening a team on is own. While it didn’t work out as planned, we are still happy to accept him in our family. SHC// @Smyx (Join Request) – This is a well-known mapper. He went inactive for a time but decided to return to MTA and do a join request to us. We decided to accept him. SHC// @Xevadish (Join Request) – Another polish guy. We played versus him in a cw and he was good. So, we decided to give him an opportunity. Map uploader Also we have the pleasure to announce that our maps uploader is almost finished. We know that a lot of map are missing in our server but we hope that with this feature that situation may improve. Clan wars As you may have noticed we played some cw in the past months, four to be exact. SHC vs NxR 18 – 2 “The score speaks for itself. We dominated the cw from start to finish only allowing 2 points to NxR. The only poor performance from SHC// was mine. Sorry guys for the lackluster performance.” SHC vs LxG 16 – 4 “It wasn't as bad I was expecting it to be. While the server did have some problems, they were mostly fixed before the match start and it didn't give us a lot of problems. Now about the real cw. Both halves of the cw the end score was 8-2, for us meaning that our performance was constant. It was our best match yet? Not even close. We still have things to improve one” SHC vs AiR 11 – 9 “We were getting really cocky when preparing for this cw and that almost cost us the victory. We were not prepared for this cw at all and the fact that AiR maps were almost all HDM didn’t help either.” SHC vs MAD 18 – 2 “After forgetting to write a small summary about our cw with AiR, I didn’t want to miss on this one. I couldn’t see the cw, so everything I am writing is based on what referees and teammates told me, but also on what I read in the logs. But before that I want to apologize to [MAD]Cl (Cw manager from MAD) for my behavior on the day 23.07. I was stress with TFF World Cup and because of that my speech felt a lot more bossier and rude. This summary will go deeper than usual about this clan war, since it highlighted some of the problems our team has in terms of behavior. So, in the first minutes of the clan war, there was a problem. We asked a 30 minutes delay start on the clan war, that was agreed upon by MAD cw manager. The problem was that he didn’t inform is teammates. So, there was a big discussion ending up on Tomba complaining and provoking MAD members. Because of that, the match started with a bad atmosphere. As a punishment for that Tomba would get muted from the main chat for the rest of the cw. The actual clan war went smoother, then what was expected. Some arguing happened but it was expected and nothing to serious happened. We won both halves by a score of 9-1, giving us a victory of 18-2. The problem is that during the brake and in the last maps Tomba decided to provoke MAD even more and abusing his power (Unmuting himself). So, because of that the cw ended with MAD players insulting Tomba and is family. While it is true that MAD got provoked and got swelled in the hate for Tomba forgetting about the cw and winning points at least we didn’t use any personal attacks. So, both team’s behavior are to be condoned. I also want to thank Ruso and Naval for refereeing the clan war.” Departures Not everything is good news. While some people joined us, other left. We want to thank @GanzoA9 and @CarlosG7 for the time they spent with us helping us on clan war. They were great guys and we wish you luck in Saints. We also sad that @FoundeR#TRW and @ImpacT left. They were no able to adapt to our team and caused some problems internally so they decided to leave. Besides the retirement of Plugin, two guys also left for the same reason. They were @Ni. and @NesoN .Thank you for the time spent with us and we wish you luck in the future.
  5. Greetings hustlers! A lot of hardships happened is the past month and a half. In matter fact, some people thought this would-be death of SHC. Sorry guys but we are still alive and kicking. Let’s talk about some changes that happened and what we are planning for the future Leadership With the inactivate of @Burton (Ex. Co-Leader) and @Plugin (Leader), our clan co-leader @Tomba120 felt that he couldn't manage the team all by himself and because of that we decided to promote @Apollo as the new clan Co-Leader. What does that mean? He will act as 2nd in command helping with the management of the team and other stuff. With the promotion that means he will have to leave is position as DM manager, but continue with is job as map uploader. The new DM manager position will be filled by @CarlosG7. New Trials The last time we accepted new trials, it was in 1st of May. So, we think its time to accept new blood in our team. We decided to invite 2 people and accept 2 more via Join Request. @Athenian (Invite) - Athenian is an Argentinian lad, old member of Saints, friend of CarlosG7 and GanzoA9. He is a friendly guy and skilled DM and Hunter player. He will act as a supporter of CarlosG7 during clan wars so that things run smother. @Founder (Invite/Join Request) - Founder is from Turkey. He is a respectable guy with great skills. We hope that with him we can bring even more wins to our team. @ImpacT (Join Request) - Some months ago i had some problems with this guy, but if anything, he is one of the most committed players to join our team. IMPACT is a Greek brother with a love for this team and we valuable that a lot. @DarkPro (Darkezi) (Join Request) - An upcoming Polish dude with some nice DM skills. He is young, so that means he can improve even more so we are really looking forward to seeing what kind of improvements he will show us. @Uppermost (Invite) - Shyman is join us as a trial developer. He will help us improve and maintain the server. Promotions We can't forget about our old trials, so we decided to promote 5 trials to members. So we want to congratulate @CarlosG7, @GanzoA9, @Nahar, @N!W4Y and @PredyS for finishing your trial period. Leavings While it is good seeing people join us, it is also sad seeing people leave our family. We want to say goodbye to @AntrahX who decided to retire, since he is busy studying to be a police officer. Our ex-member @ToSeR wasn't happy with the situation of the team so he thought he would fit better in another team. We wish you good luck in whatever team he ends up joining. Our DD team also left, not being happy with the fact we didn’t play enough DD clan wars. We wish them good luck with their future DD clan wars. Recruitment The Join Request section is still open for anyone who wants to try their luck and join our family. Besides that, we are also looking for a content creator. That means we want someone that can create videos, record matches and so on, with the objective of improving our exposure with our fellow hustlers. We are looking for someone gifted in designing and photoshop to help us improve the esthetic of our forum or the esthetic of our scripts. We are also looking for developers. More information in the Server section. Clan Wars DM Section While we took a break during the past 2 weeks from clan war thanks to exams, we did still play some. The first one was versus EPC and we won 12-8. But don’t let the score fool you. In the first part of the cw we were forced to play with only 3 members. It ended 4-6 for them. But in the second part, with the full team we bounced back and scored 8 points versus the 2 of EPC. The second clan war was versus NxR and that was won with a score 18-2. That one was a stomp since we were prepared and with a full team. DD Section We would like to announce that our DD team is closed. That doesn’t mean we don’t look forward to having another DD team. So, if you think you can handle the job, don’t forget to do a join request for us. We are looking forward to see a bright future of DD. WFF Section We never played a WFF clan war before. That doesn’t mean we never will. We are looking to start playing with other teams in this type of fight but we don’t have any members that have experience in this field. So, if you think you up to the job message Apollo or Tomba explaining your objectives and curriculum. Server As you guys may have noticed we had some problems with our server in the past week. For now, everything is working, but we are looking to improve it while we are waiting for the new server scripted by Xiti. So, we decided to open spots to anyone that would be interested in working with us on our current and future server. How it will work you may ask? Well since scripting is a hard job, requires commitment and we don’t want half-baked jobs. So, with that in mind during the next few weeks or months to anyone that would like to join us, we ask you to send your full bodywork so that we can examine it and see if it meet our standards. The type of script can range from a simple speedometer to a full user panel. So, if you want to be a developer for our team contact @Apollo or @Tomba120.
  6. Greetings fellow Hustlers! This is the first news of 2017. Being as lazy as we are, some changes happened without us in the leadership writing news and posting them. But today we are here to repair that. New trials Since most of the old members of SHC are busy with school, exams or work, we decided to accept some fresh blood in our team to help us. As the month of January progressed we decided to accept six new trials. SHC// AntrahX SHC// Jhou SHC// niszan SHC// RockZ SHC// ToSeR SHC// UkF Promotions We would also like to congratulate SHC// Sandman. He passed the trial time and got promoted to regular member, welcome to our core! Clanwars Since the departure of Daniel, we weren’t able to play any clanwars, since we didn’t have a proper DM team. With the addition of new members, we will start searching for our next opponent and hopefully bring a victory home. Map Uploader It is a known fact that alot of well known maps were missing from our server, but today i proudly announce that isn't a problem anymore. We decided to give the task of uploading the newest maps to SHC// Apollo (Skype: dream.mta) and SHC// Plexy (Skype: schuss7) . This also means if you have a map that you would like to see on the server please message them! Regards SHC Leadership
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