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  1. Hey and thanks for writing, I see that your Join Request format doesn't fit ours. So please use the following format:
  2. Make sure to use the following format when writing a join request. Ingame known as: Who are you? (age, education, location ect.): For how long have you been playing MTA?: In which well-known clans have you been?: Why would we accept you? (Why do you want to be in SHC?): What gamemode do you prefer?: What can you provide us or add to our community/team?: Additional:
  3. Nice map man! Well done
  4. Welcome back dude, that's a pretty long break haha. Anyway glad to see you're back to the game and we'll meet ingame soon! Enjoy your stay
  5. weed = life 

    1. Xavius


      life = ganja

    2. d7omey


      reallife = marijuana

  6. Accepted after he won a challenge against @Tomba120 Congratulations!
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