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  1. Greetings SHC Community! It's ya'boy Plugin back in the making! It's about that time during the month where its time we updated everyone about what's actually going on in our clan. We will try to post monthly if there is interresting stuff going on! Promotions First of all im proud to say we have promoted 7 SHC Trial members to full members, now full fledged members of our core of awesomeness! These are: @Rutyy - Will hopefully one day provide us with nudes! Welcome @RockZ - Christina Grimmie fanboy, welcome back into SHC! @NesoN - MVP of CW's deserve full member too @QlimaXz - Raging russian scripter(Lithuanian), absolutely deserve full member too! @ToSeR - Wannabe best hunter player, yep, you are full member now too! @Jhou - Our awesome brazillian monkey, You are full member but you should be more active!! @NoX - Master of kebab, full member Kicks We have also decided to remove some members who have been inactive for too long. We want to clarify that all kicked members have been loyal to SHC the time they were active, and have the opportunity to rejoin SHC if they wish to come back and be active again! @Anzy - Kicked for inactivy ( offered join back when he's back in active playing) @AimQ - Kicked for inactivy ( offered join back when he's back in active playing) @bloosbik - Kicked for inactivy ( offered join back when he's back in active playing) New Members In addition, after loosing a few members it's also time to add a few new people to our clan! We recently had a vote in our clan, and i'm proud to present our NEWEST trial members in SHC!! Congratulations! @PredyS @N!W4Y Finally!! A few weeks ago we also got our DD up and running again! After a very long time, we finally got a functional team to fight for Small Hustlers Crew in Destruction Derby wars! With the newly team formed with @Nahar @GGGirard @Tryhard @Rambo Latest results: SHC// vs B# SHC// vs KekZ| SHC// vs [M] SHC// vs {SB} Project Beast Die Kekze MOST Street Brothers 23.04.2017 14.04.2017 29.04.2017 30.04.2017 13 - 7 15 - 5 18 - 2 14 - 6 You can check out all the newest DD wars HERE DM Clanwar Let's not forget about our DM team either! Saturday 15.04 we had a DM clanwar against Project Beasts, and after a long and interresting match, we are proud to announce our 13 - 7 victory! Not satisfied with the result was Project Beasts, who really wanted a rematch, this will happen 13.05.2017! We wish them good luck since they will be needing in the clan war. Thanks for your time reading! Best regards SHC Leadership
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