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  1. Greeting hustlers! There's new month and we have lots of news for you. At the beginning I would like to say that this isn't April joke or something like that, everything in this topic is real. The most visible change in our clan are new people that were invited for helping us reaching our goal. What is our goal? Our goal for this year is new server which will be scripted by TC|Xiti, and also get back into TOP3 DM clans. Old legends are back! First player that we invited into SHC was guy called @QlimaXz, most of you know him from DG. He is founder of DG which was found in 2013. We picked him becouse he's helpful and very experienced, also his DM and hunter skills are usefull, also he's cool guy! Our second player who was invited to take part in SHC was Lithuanian girl @Rutyy. People that are with us for longer time know her because she was playing in SHC servers in 2012 and 2013. We decided to invite her because of her activity and when she's on server, there's lots of fun in chat. Now I will tell you short story about other 2 players that were invited. We were playing on our server with Apollo and we were talking about our old DM team where was NoX, MiRa, SHOoTER, WuW and TechnO. I told him that NoX was something like daniel#mrx now. After like 5 mins I wrote it, @NoX joined server and told me that he would like to come back and play clanwars once again. Me and Apollo decided to invite him back with his friend @Mira which was also in old DM team. NoX stunting video, NoX vs FFS Fifth and sixth player that were invited into SHC are very well known for their DM and Hunter skills. First one of them who accepted our invitation was my brother @danielmrxDAMN, everyone know him for being hunter god. I'm really happy that I can play with him clanwars once again! The last one who accepted my invitation is my best friend in MTA @NesoN, we had lots of fun during World Cup and I would say that our teamplay in hunter is one of best in MTA. We never lost any hunter fight while we were playing together. The team that PWNS! As I wrote at the beginning, we would like to get back into TOP 3 DM clans. It's quite hard task but nothing is impossible. As you know me, I'm the one who managed to create team that reached first place in DM clans in 2015. For 3 months I was searching people that would like to take part in new team that I was building. 3 skilled and experienced people accepted my offer and joined team. As a team we decided to give chance to @Apollo which is new in these things but he's that kind of guy who wants to improve his skills and become one of us. Our first clanwar that we will play with this roster is 15.4.2017 versus team Beasts. Leadership This will be just short and not that important change in our clan. After few months I decided to get back into leadership and lead this clan once again. What this mean for you? This means that I will do my best to get back glory of SHC. Also I got good news about @Plugin, few days and he will be once again active! Also our old co-leader SazukE is back in action! New forum theme After successful launch of portal I promised you that I will upgrade forum theme. After 4 months of working and fixing bugs I decided to finally release it. While I was releasing it, I was facing lots of troubles with colors and positions. Everything should be fixed but if you find something bad. Report it to me (@Tomba120) and I will take care of it. Server record Few months we were facing to empty server but that has changed! After so many months we have reached 17 players on our server, I know that you will say it's nothing compared to FFS or EPG but to be honest we are happy for every single player that will join on our server. We have prepared tons of events during this year. Thanks for reading Small Hustlers Crew News #6 Regards SHC leadership
  2. Hello everyone, after long time i decided to open forum. Because of several problems with MySQL we decided to start again. I am back to MTA and I will be making server and website updates every week ! Currently I am working on project called SHC 1.0. It's normal race but there are new things which you will like! Our new server will be focused on Old School DM, Race, Destruction Derby and Fun. We are finishing our userpanel which is making MoPoMaN. Thanks MoPoMaN for great work which he made yet. Here is picture from my Scripting server Regards SHC leadership and Tomba
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