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  3. Hey everyone, I present to you my join request for SHC Ingame known as: Psycho Who are you? (Age, education, location etc..) My real name is Mashhor, I'm 21 years old, I live in Saudi Arabia, and I hope to get to know more players here πŸ™‚ For how long have you been playing MTA? Well basically my MTA career especially in 'Race' doesn't have enough because, the late of 2017 I started to play 'Race' I started with my friends as what anyone would do after that I started to play and training on my own, in FFS and Vultaic previously, These days I'm training on hard maps as well, also forgot to mention that I'm starting to edit and making maps, I'm about to release my map soon so I'm trying hard to do the best. In which well-known clans have you been?: as you can see through my MTA career you can't say that I have been in clans, #UP | Unlimited Power (Left) KoP | Kingdom Of Pros (Closed) Dx | Death Wish (Left) #E | Experts (Closed) Why would we accept you? (Why do you want to be in SHC?) I can be a helpful person in WFF CWs I can be a good trainer, and i will try to improve myself even more What gamemode do you prefer?: DM/HDM What can you provide us or add to our community/team?: I can provide myself to be a potionial player & helpful. I'll improve myself to present my best. Additional: I don't have that much, but I'll leave this right here https://youtu.be/GnrwM7vFn_U Discord: Psycho#7613 Thanks for reading <3
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  5. Ingame known as: #Lo'ne[#34] Who are you? (age, education, location ect.): My name is Nikita, im 18 years old. I'm from Russia (Kamensk-Uralsky). Now im a student of IT technology in mechanical engineering. For how long have you been playing MTA?: Since 2013-2015 on DD, SH, Random. Then became interested in DM. In which well-known clans have you been?: I've been in #BHD! (Black Hawk Down), 3R// (3lite Racers), xR| (Xtreme Racers), .eXe (Executors Gaming), -SoA-. But many clans I don’t remember now. Why would we accept you? (Why do you want to be in SHC?): Now I'm looking for a clan that will allow me to get better and better in the game, I think it might be SHC. I think I will learn a lot from SHC players. If there is a CW, I will not stand aside, I will help. What gamemode do you prefer?: HDM/Hunter What can you provide us or add to our community/team?: I can help with activity, well, or as I wrote above about CW. Additional: I'm not very talkative. P.S
  6. Sadly I won't be there watching/playing the clanwar but still I'm wishing best of luck to my team and may the best team win (SHC :p)
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  8. Clanwar information:- Clan website: www.mythicalscrew.ga Type: DM Date & time: 2020 February 29th, Saturday | 19 CET Server: SHC DM clanwar Maps: 10 Rounds: 20 Referee: - Assistant: - Players :M# | Mythicals Crew :M# Players: KATGE CarolsG7 GanzoA9 Saeko 13 :M# Reserves: Anyone else from the clan. SHC// | Small Hustlers Crew SHC// Players: tomba#mrx SilentScream Fahad Darkside Mitsuki SHC// Reserves: Anyone else from the clan. Maps: :M# Maps: [DM] JasieK ft. PolakMaly ft. Braian - Cavemen II [DM] BriaN ft. Fancy - Thorny Aster [DM] adeliveR ft. iNitreke ft. StronGT - Rocketeer [DM] Chipy - Cavern II [DM] Flash ft. sYKu ft. FataL ft. Exade - Dreamer Skyland II SHC// Maps: [DM] TulioTC ft. Rafinha - Running is my life IV [DM] Royce v1 - Unsurpassed [DM] NitroN ft. Sealine - Impel down [FIXED] [DM] Budya v8 - Quelle Surprise [DM] Gteatero ft. Pablow - Skilled Stuntplane Clan War DeathMatch Rules: General Rules: - Every player from the clan is allowed to play, except the players who joined after the CW Request got accepted. - The clan with last surviving player gets the point. - If no one from the team reach hunter, player who has come the farthest wins the point. - We may refuse a map chosen by the challenging team if it doesn't meet our requirements for a cw map. This means if a cw is strictly DM, HDM maps are not allowed and vice versa. - In case of camping or shortcutting, a participant will be eliminated for the current round with no replacement. - If someone times out before the map starts, we will play the round again. - If someone times out while the map is running longer than 10 seconds (if he is alive), We play further; - If someone lags too much, he will be replaced. - The clanwar managers decide before starting what will happen in case of a draw (10-10 score). - Clan can't cancel the CW 1 day before and later. - Any kind of insulting, crying, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute. - Chat silence during rounds with the exception of notifying clanwar admins of possible flaws on the current round. - In case of higher ping or lower FPS, player is going to be replaced by reserve. - Maximum acceptable ping is 300. - Minimum acceptable Frame Per Second(FPS) is 39. Hunter Rules: - Countdown will start 2 seconds after a player gets hunter. - Back shooting while getting hunter is not allowed, even after CD. In case of back shooting, the team which has been backshot, gets the point. - When someone is stuck in deco and gets killed it won't count and will restart the fight in a hunter map. - Shooting the vehicles with hunter is allowed. - Shooting the vehicles with hunter before countdown is allowed. - Killing hunters that are shooting cars before countdown is allowed. - Spraying against cars is strictly forbidden ! - In case of spraying car "damaged" team gets the point. - The use of hunter skins isn't allowed. - If someone get killed in map-limit then we are going to set Hunter map - In case player times out during a hunter fight, we are continuing the round. - Spraying is not allowed ( You could shoot 3 shots in 5 seconds)
  9. 1. Ingame known as: #RL^ ; [R]ussian[L]ord 2. Who are you? (age, education, location ect.): Hey, my name is Nikita, 21 years old. I live in Russia, Ekaterinburg. I have been playing in the MTA since about 2012(with breaks a year, already 3 times there were such breaks). 3. For how long have you been playing MTA?: since 2012 4. In which well-known clans have you been?: xR|(My former clan), #BHD!(member), [XP](Xtreme-Players; Admin); .eXe(Executors Gaming) still remember when clans were, but man, that was a very long time. 5. Why would we accept you? (Why do you want to be in SHC?): First of all, I like the atmosphere, now rarely where to meet on the servers, most of them were closed. Secondly, I can help with maps, scripts (preserved from the previous project, which was in the year so 2016-2017), and I want to maintain this atmosphere in the game. I can also help with clan wars(if I'm not at work on this day) 6. What gamemode do you prefer?: DM, HDM 7. What can you provide us or add to our community/team?: Support the General mood, maybe scripts, I don't know 8. Additional: my contacts discord: ![R]ussian[L]ord#2444
  10. Create a file named music.lua or anything you want but take care to use .lua as extension, then put this inside: setRadioChannel(0) song = playSound("HEREPUTYOURFILENAME.mp3", true) bindKey("m", "down", function () setSoundPaused(song, not isSoundPaused(song)) end) Save it and go in meta.xml For lua files use: <script src="nameofthefile.lua" type="client" /> While for other files: <file src="nameofthefile.extension" /> Palms script: https://mega.nz/#!hw4njaxT!SWhGPy8FGDvIpryKEwlwx8sRsnhb68KYUeBuPvXJjR4 Download this, place all the files of this in your directory and do the meta.xml step once again, include everything in the archive
  11. Hello there, it's me, i've opened this thread cuz i need help for script my map, i really dont know how to put the music, palms, water or whatever else needed to script a map, so i might be grateful if someome helps me
  12. Lovely map, gj boyzzz ❀️
  13. nais map boyz! i would like to play soon
  14. You already know my personal thought about the recording. Be ready to make BANG 3 anyways! Hope you guys enjoyed this one , we will keep on making maps like this and we won't stop making em or better we won't let the haters from that shit ffs company stop us! They will do everything to ruin the great duo we are!
  15. Heyo guys, this time we're back with a smooth map, probably not expected because of BANG series but here we are! I'm really proud to present this map, this has been started years ago but due to our missing ideas/time we haven't been able to finish it before. We really tried to make it smooth and not boring at the same time, i hope you like it πŸ˜„
  16. Thanks buddy, i dunno i just make things that goes to my mind
  17. I'm not a mapper, but I think it's good first try. Good luck!
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