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Small Hustlers Crew

Small Hustlers Crew (SHC//) was originally created by PitJazz around 2007. He didn't lead the clan for long, so in 2008 Sniper took over it, and made SHC one of the biggest clans in MTA.

The Clan That PWNS!


Small Hustlers Crew is well known for their great perfomance in DM/Hunter Clanwars. Their most important member is daniel#mrx, having played more than seventy clanwars.

We are fucking back!


Finally after long break we are back ! Feel free to join our server and enjoy your every single moment in our server.

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    • + Your nickname in the game :Mstarte#! + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) : My name is Ali (15 / Algeria / 1 high school)   + How long you've been in MTA? (Here you should tell us about your past clans and add a small resume about your history in this game) : I have been playing MTA since the year 2019, I used to enter the FFS server only at the beginning of what I was very focused on, but almost on October 01, 2019 I started entering almost daily, but any one at the beginning of what he knows is nothing I was like this but in January 2020 I started to focus More on him and I started training. I was focused on Hunter more than his time, and I continued that way until I started playing Old School, and this was all in ffs only, and almost in June 2020 I started playing DM Hard and I was focused on it Come on and Hunter to improve my skills The days passed until If I became to play in Hard DM only because I expected what I needed to train on Hunter a lot and I used to feel a lot better when I focused heavily on it because I never expected that I would reach this level one day and I still play in DM until now I love to master it 100 / 100 but I have never entered any clan before. + Why you'd like to join SHC? : I see that he is a great clan and its players are excellent. I honestly liked it and would love to join him because I feel that if you come with them, my skills and experience will increase more and I like to participate in WFF competitions and its competitions are fierce thanks to him. + What gamemode do you prefer : I am happy with what I do and I love enthusiasm now that it forces me to continue and rush and learn from my mistakes and I love to develop in my own style and build my path that will make me one day of excellence I feel all the time passes increase you experience and understand things correctly + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team : Harmony with the members of the clan and harmony among them with the passage of time I believe that I will do something important I mean in terms of winning and otherwise, and cooperate with them in everything  
    • Your nickname in the game :  softerr also i used to play with Host#22   Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) :  My name is Valentín Oľha, im 19yo and i was born in Prešov, Slovakia but nowdays i live in Banská Bystrica where i work as bartender/waiter. I finished secondery school of business where i studied tourism.   How long you've been in MTA? (Here you should tell us about your past clans and add a small resume about your history in this game) : My MTA career started in 2011 when my very good friend "AsTaT" showed me this game. I played DD on SMT for many years till i took break from game, i played there for CHMTV(CHOMUTOV) DDS(Destruction Derby Skillers) and also for PPC. After this break i came back and was looking for cz/sk server. I found miki where i started to play at 2014 till 2017. I wanted to learn new gamemode so i learn DM but i was still playing DD. I played in many clans but ill only name a few Black(Black Scorpions) 1c(First Class) 808(HYPNO) and many more... In end of year 2017 i was bored of this sever and community so i started focusing my career on DD. I found few DD CW servers where i was playing till 2020. It was someting different for me because i used to play just on community severs and i started to love it. I made many friends with whoes i still play and have fun in game every time i play. I played for some clans there for example HHX(HaHaXuj) GR8(was my clan, GREATS) AE(Aevum) HSS(Hypersonic Snakes)....  In 2020 i play mostly DM but sometimes i play fake cw with fake nick and clan name just for fun or as partner to help team who need me, i played on vultaic and nowdays i play on foxx where i played just for FFG(Fast Fire Guys).   Why you'd like to join SHC? : I was playing on foxx server where i meet up with my very good friend Trend and we had talk about game etc.. and both of us had idea to join good clan with big community so we choose SHC because he said he had best MTA times in this clan. I was so excited when he told me that so i just told him lets do it. I wanted finally join clan like SHC because it have big community with lots experiences and nice clan members.  What gamemode do you prefer :  I prefer DD but also i play DM.  What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team : For me i can say i played DD long time and also played so many cw's that i cant count it. If ill be accept for DD squad i wanna play DD as i played and winning cw for this clan.       
    • + Your nickname in the game : Trend + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) :  22, Presov, Slovakia. I study coaching of handball and teaching of two subjects- sport education and history. + How long you've been in MTA? (Here you should tell us about your past clans and add a small resume about your history in this game) :  SHC// Small Hustlers Crew – Left  PiA| Pro’s in Action – Left 'TC| The Crew – Left eP! Elite Players – Kicked /TfF\ The Favoured Few – Left [FOTL] Firestarters Of The Land - Kicked/Left/Squad closed -|TG|- Twisted Gamers – Left The others are not worth to talking about. + Why you'd like to join SHC? : I want to have a good time like i had back in time. It miss me a lot. + What gamemode do you prefer : DD as main, DM WFF as secondary. + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team : In everything what will be needed. 
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